About us

Our work is a synthesis of our passions. We feel most alive when we are out in nature, moving our bodies, engaging with creativity, and connecting community. Whenever we go to the coast and engage with this artful practice, we become energized with inspiration, joy, and gratitude. To witness similar transformations occur within individuals and collaborative teams is our motivation to teach and facilitate. By awakening within us an empowered sense of being , a call to action to take care of the things that matter to us most arises.

We are professionally artists, facilitators for over 10 years....teaching in the fields of creative arts, movement arts, ecology, and personal development. 

Within our work we feel a deep connection with the mysterious ancient past, a call to action for the demanding, vibrant present, and the joy to create an imaginative, collaborative future. 

Andres Amador photo by Edward Saenz

Andres Amador photo by Edward Saenz


Co-Founder, Artist & Facilitator

Throughout my life, I have been creatively working with the earth in many different environments and contexts - in urban cities, including street tree projects in NYC, urban gardens in Cuba, and earth murals in Bay Area school yards - and in rural landscapes, including ecological art installations in the Northern California coastal hills, oak forests and Sierra Nevadas, and participated in environmental sculptures at wineries, festivals, and the dusty, arid desert. Wherever the environment may be, bringing art into our daily lives gives us the opportunity to shift our perspective and to see the awe and magnitude of the natural world that is all around us. My work focuses on the collaborative effort of this whole perspective, bringing together diverse teams, cross pollinating skill sets, and bridging together a sense of place and connection. 

My educational background includes a BA from NYU in Environmental Studies and Fine Art, and trainings in leadership coaching, yoga, expressive dance, deep nature connection, ecological stewardship, permaculture, and ceremony.



Co-Founder, Artist & Facilitator

I am a 3rd generation San Franciscan, growing up in the Mission District in the 70's and 80's. After getting my degree in Environmental Sciences and serving in the Peace Corps, returning to The City during the first dot com explosion was a reality-shaker. The infusion of youth and money at that time fueled the arts scenes, and I was swept up in a new world of self-expression.

Somehow finding myself on a path towards a career in corporate tech work, I suddenly did an about-face. I had a palpable moment of giving myself permission to engage my creativity, something my 'right-brain' personality had never previously allowed. From this point on, artistic exploration became my main focus.

When the beach art concept came to me almost 15 years ago, it completely re-oriented my world. My other arts fell away as I devoted more time to this medium. It felt to be the perfect combination of factors- outside, at the beach, barefoot in the sand, working with my body, being creative, and no clean-up, releasing all my creations to the returning tide. Fast forward a few years and I was now traveling the world creating commissions on beaches on nearly every continent. However, I keep coming back to the power of guiding others through this experience. I have lost count of the number of workshops I have led, but I have been continually reminded of the value of and need for what this art form, and arts in general offer.

It is a gift to have such a fine canvas and muse as nature, and it is also a gift to share my love of it.