• We believe in the power of art and nature to bring balance, inspiration, and connection to our lives. 

  • We believe businesses that focus on personal elevation and team connection become thriving and resilient 

  • We create opportunities for groups and individuals to gain wisdom from lessons of impermanence, creative constraints, improvisation, and collaboration. 

In each outing we gather in a natural outdoor location and engage the landscape to create artwork based upon the materials at hand. After warmup activities that connect the participants to themselves, each other, the tools and the location, the team works together to develop a temporary artwork that works within the constraints of the area. We focus on supporting both individual creative expression and team collaboration to create large works of art that are only achievable thru a team effort.

For a detailed example of a day experience


  • Outdoors

  • Team Building

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Stress Reduction & Mindfulness

  • Ephemeral/Non Attachment

  • Nature Connection

  • Celebration & Play



We offer half day, full day, and multi day retreat style outings. Our experiences are set in iconic outdoor settings, and are thus weather, tidal, and environmental dependent. Below is a calendar of our premium select dates for the most optimal beach art experiences. If you have a specific date that is not on the calendar, please contact us.


Our prices vary depending upon group size, location, activity and length of time. Please contact us for an exact quote. Listed below are sample prices for premium, half day beach art experiences based in San Francisco. Price includes photography of the completed artwork and local pastries or organic snacks.

             Group Size                        Half day in SF

                 0 - 15                             $3000

                16 - 30                            $3000 - 4000

                31 - 50+                          $4500

We also offer additional add on options to create an incredible experience. These can include:

  • Videography & professional photography of the outing

  • Drinks & Bonfire for a post afternoon experience

  • Catered Lunch


partnership packages

Love our work and want to drive deeper with your team thru ongoing experiences and or share these experiences thru out your department and company? 

We offer partnership packages!

Choose from a package of 4, 6, 8, or 12 experiences and receive extra benefits and discounts. Packages can be shared among different teams within your company or used as a series to deepen your team's creative work. Packages also include priority choice for our most premium experience dates (optimal weather conditions), on going support and discounts on our add - on options for each experience. 

Testimonials & Clients

Our Clients include Google, Asana, & Genentech, among many others. 


“My team came away with collaboration, appreciation, unity, respect, and playfulness, getting to see the deep inner works of people's minds” - Genentech team member

"[Elemental Arts] presence at our event definitely supported our theme of wellness and meditation, connecting guests to nature and to creative expression."
- Team Enterprises on behalf of a project for MINI Cooper.

“It was such a pleasure working with Kelsi and Andres - they are so good at what they do –teaching the technical skills and empowering the participants to tap into a deeper creative side of themselves than they often utilize/listen to.” - Leah Greenberg, Contemporary Jewish Museum

Sample experience itinery

Event Overview: Beach art team experience for a product design team of 40 people

Sample Desired Outcomes:

  • Letting loose as a team

  • Working through a project issue

  • Building collaboration

Sample Desired Experience:

  • Creative expression

  • Celebration

  • Relaxation & Meditative

Time Structure: ~3 hours (variable)

  • Gather/meet/overview (15m)

  • Movement Meditation (10m)

  • Tool talk (5m)

  • Warm-up activities (20m)

  • Mid-level activities (20m)

  • Check in & Snack Break (10m)

  • Main artwork design and creation (60m)

  • Photos and close (10m)

Sample Activities:

  • Group contour

  • Paired response

  • Full group spontaneous creations - spirals, triangles...

  • Personal Mandala

  • Mosaic tiles


Client Art Gallery: