Conference Activities


Conferences are heady affairs and can be mentally exhausting. There is only so much that can be absorbed before overload happens. Elemental Arts provides engaging activities designed to get participants to relax and decompress, connected to their creativity and to other participants.

Our main portable installations are the Zen Garden and the Zen Board. Each can be engaged  drop-in style or we are also able to lead group sessions of 5-30 minutes, allowing varying levels of depth to the engagement. The group sessions get participants collaborating and connecting, a perfect way to actively unwind from long conference sessions while staying in the energy of the event and connecting with other attendees.

The Zen Gardens are oversized executive meditation sand trays that allow the whole body to get into the creative act while dragging one's fingers through calming, grounding sand (surprisingly effective!). Included are natural items to position on the board to serve as  inspirational seeds.

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The Zen Tablets are plywood boards with a variety of patterned grids that can serve as inspirational frameworks for 'painting' with sand filled bottles. The activity brings simultaneous focus, calm, and invigoration, transporting and rejuvenating the painter.