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For businesses dedicated to elevating their employees, Elemental Arts is a catalyst for a deeper and more connected work+life experience. We lead collaborative arts-focused excursions in beautiful, natural locations, creating space for your team to grow through authentic experiences, energizing your team to engage its higher potential. 


The Elemental Arts Experience

In each outing we gather in a natural outdoor location and engage the landscape to create artwork based upon the materials at hand. After warm-up activities that connect the participants to themselves, each other, the tools and the location, the team works together to develop a temporary artwork that works within the constraints of the area.

We believe in the power of art and nature to bring balance, inspiration, and connection to our lives.

We believe that authentic expression fosters deeper interpersonal and team connection.

We believe businesses that focus on personal elevation and team  connection become thriving and resilient.  

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Meditative experience offering opportunity for introspection and inner growth

Nourishment of the body through movement and breath

Deeper more playful connections between teammates

Greater fluidity of creative expression and expanded perspectives between coworkers  

Build trust through vulnerability and in the perfection of imperfection

Reconnection to the spirit of play

We believe these experiences are elemental to renew the energy of your team so that each player can show up fully alive and at their creative best everyday both at the workplace and in life. 

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
— Rachel Carson
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   Our Clients include Google, Asana, & Genentech among many others. 

“My team came away with collaboration, appreciation, unity, respect, and playfulness, getting to see the deep inner works of people's minds.” - Genentech team member
"[Elemental Arts] presence at our event definitely supported our theme of wellness and meditation, connecting guests to nature and to creative expression." - Team Enterprises on behalf of a project for MINI Cooper.
“It was such a pleasure working with Kelsi and Andres - they are so good at what they do –teaching the technical skills and empowering the participants to tap into a deeper creative side of themselves than they often utilize or listen to." - Leah Greenberg, Contemporary Jewish Museum



Elemental Arts offers monthly public experience days to allow anyone interested in to participate. This opportunity is a great way to try out our program, deepen your connection to the work thru ongoing monthly participation, and share your experience by inviting your friends and family to join. Each month we expand upon new themes and topics.